Friday, July 22, 2011

When I preach

I’ve been storing this article on my computer for several years, and I thought it might be time to post it on this blog. The author is unknown to me, but it does accurately represent the kind of thoughts a preacher of the gospel feels. Preachers cannot be obligated to men. If they are, they cannot preach the gospel with the kind of boldness that is often needed. Let this short poem encourage you as a preacher, or give you insight into what your own preacher constantly faces.
When I preach, there are some who say,
They could listen to me all day.
Others think I preach too long,
And some think I go about it wrong.
Some say my sermon is much too deep,
To others, it’s shallow and they go to sleep.
Some report I hold them spell bound,
While others squirm and look around.
Some speak of me as an orator,
But others feel I’m a perfect bore.
Some believe I have no light,
And others think I preach just right.
Some affirm that I’m too bold,
Others wink and say I’m cold.
Some used to say I was much too young,
But others declare my spring has sprung!
Some folks tell I have met success,
Others think my work is a mess.
Some have said my pay is too low,
When they discover the pace I go.
Still others say it is above the peak,
“Why he only works three hours a week.”
From all this, ‘tis plain to see,
That as a preacher, I’m up a tree.
Condemned if I do, condemned if I don’t;
Criticized if I will, criticized if I won’t.
I can’t please men of such discord,
So I’ll just keep trying to please the Lord.
Kyle Campbell


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