Thursday, February 12, 2009

The parable of the marriage feast

In the parable of the marriage feast (Matthew 22:1-8), Jesus described the responses people would give to the gospel. God graciously invited people, even describing how great the feast would be. Not all of the people who rejected Christ were hostile. They had what most people would have thought as a good "excuses."

A great gift was given to them, but they turned away from it, so God commanded His servants to go out and gather people who wanted to respond. People who really love the truth will respond, and whatever excuse was given (even the "good" ones), was punished. In vs. 14, the people who were "chosen" were the ones who obeyed the invitation. If you want to be a "chosen" one, you need to obey too. Remember, it's not the beginning that's crucial, it's the end!

Kyle Campbell


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